Old book Selling List
No Code Image Title Series Author Publisher size Published Edition Page Prise Condition Memo Selling
w00 0-397-59052-0 image Helping the Battered Child and his Family - Kempe(C Henry)and Helfer(Ray E) J.B.Lippincott Company 147x222 year1972 1st p313 - mid Hardcover/Ownership Mark 4600yen
1au 0-442-26537-9 image Family Counseling (Theory and Practice) - Perez(Joseph F) D.Van Nostrand Company 156x234 year1979 - p208 - mid Hardcover/Ownership Mark 5200yen
La2 0-7167-1625-9 image The Common Secret - Kempe(Ruth S.and C Henry) Freeman 138x209 year1984 1st p284 - good Paperback/Ownership Mark 4000yen
Lbm 0-442-21939-3 image Handbook of Group Therapy - Grotjahn(Martin)/Kline(Frank M)/Friedmann(Claude T H) Van Nostrand Reinhold 160x234 year1983 1st p287 $25.50 mid Hardcover/user signed 5200yen
Lbl 0-19-502721-3 image Child Abuse (an agenda for action) - Gerbner(George)/Ross(Catherine J)/Zigler(Edward) Oxford University Press 153x229 year1980 1st p345 $12.95 mid Paperback/user signed 2500yen
1av 0-697-06101-9 image Contemporary Guidance Concepts and Practices - Brown(Duane)and Srebalus(David J) Wm.C.Brown Company Publishers 189x238 year1973 2nd p381 - mid Hardcover 2600yen
w02 0-8314-0063-3 image Conjoint Family Therapy - Satir(Virginia) Science and Behavior Books inc. 152x227 year1983 3rd p289 $8.95 mid Paperback/Ownership Mark 2000yen
w03 0-87795-633-2 image Not My Kid (a Parent's Guide to Kids and Drugs) - Polson(Beth)/Newton(Miller) Arbor House Pub. 159x234 yeay1984 1st p248 $15.95 good Hardcover/Ownership Mark 4200yen
w05 0-12-460570-2 image Consequences of Child Abuse - Lynch(Margaret A)/Roberts(Jacqueline) Academic Press Inc. 155x236 year1984 Reprinted p226 $27.50 mid Hardcover/Ownership Mark/no cover 3600yen
w06 0-674-29236-7 image Families & Family Therapy - Minuchin(Salvador) Harvard University Press 161x240 year1974 1st p268 - wear Hardcover/user signed/cover discolored 6000yen
1aw 0-07-025570-9 image Leaving Home(The Therapy of Disturbed Young People) - Haley(Jay) McGraw-Hill Book Company 162x234 year1980 1st p280 $22.95 mid Hardcover/Ownership Mark 4400yen
Hwg 0-1402-2409-2 image France in the 1980s - Ardagh(John) Penguin Books 128x198 year1983 1st p672 $7.95 mid Paperback 2000yen
La1 0-07-054662-2 image The Silent Children - Sanford(Linda Tschirhart) McGRAW-HILL 135x203 year1982 1st p367 $7.95 mid Paperback/Ownership Mark 2000yen
w04 0-13-819524-2 image Social Work Practice in Child Welfare - Stein(Theodore J) Prentice-Hall Inc. 156x235 year1981 1st p279 $20.95 mid Hardcover/Ownership Mark/no cover 2400yen
w01 0-zzz-A01S7t-a image jan ken po - Ogawa(Dennis M) Japanese American Research Center 160x210 year1973 1st p183 $6.95 wear Hardcover 4000yen
Hwe 0-07-066170-7 image Physical Chemistry - Barrow(Gordon M) McGRAW-HILL 149x210 year1979 4th p832 - mid Paperback/Student Edition 4800yen
La0 0-zzz-A01RLa0-a image The 'Cellophane' Story (Origins of British Industrial Story) - Ward-Jackson(C.H) Privately Printed 142x222 year1977 1st p144 - mid Hard Cover 3000yen
K4g 0-486-S1013-a image Crystallographic Data on Metal and Alloy Structures - A.taylor and Brenda J.Kagle Dover Publications Inc. 136~203 year1963 1st p263 $2.25 mid Ownership Mark 3200yen
w07 0-87589-296-5 image Schizophrenia (The Experience and Treatment) - Mendel(Werner M) Jossey-Bass Publishers 160x233 year1981 3rd p174 $18.95 wear Hardcover/user signed/cover discolored 4200yen
La3 0-7893-0115-6 image Vivienne Westwood - Krell(Gene) Universe Pub. 164x222 year1997 1st p80 $18.95 mid Hard Cover 5000yen
Lj3 0-435-45359-9 image Teeline Gold Word List - Smith(Mavis)and Tilly(ann) Heinemann Educational 148x209 year1992 - p214 $12.99 good - 1900yen
Rd8 0-7621-A01_Rd8-a image Use the Right Word (a Modern Guid to Synonyms) - - Reader's Digest 185x237 year1975 - p725 - mid cover discolored a little 4300yen
Rd7 0-690-00670-5 image Dictionary of American Slang - Wentworth(Harold) and Flexner(Stuart Berg) Crowell Publishers 160x232 year1975 2nd p766 - mid Hardcover/Ownership Mark 4500yen
Lj2 0-7131-8472-8 image an A-Z of English Grammar and Usage - Leech(Geoffrey) Edward Arnold 138x214 year1989 - p575 - good - 2800yen
U1q 0-02-379510-7 image Concise Anthology of American Literature - McMichael(George)/and others Macmillan 160x235 1989/1/23 2nd p2226 - good - 4500yen
U1o 0-415-01607-X image Shelley (Selected Poetry and Prose) English Texts Shelly(Percy Bysshe)/edited by Macrae(A.D.F) Routledge 128x192 1991/6/1 1st p301 - mid Paperback 1700yen
U1p 0-14-058579-6 image A Book of English Poetry - Collected by Harrison(G.B) Penguin Books Ltd. 111x181 - - p416 $6.95 mid Paperback 1000yen
U1l 0-14-005745-5 image The Middle Ground - Drabble(Margaret) Penguin Books Ltd. 111x181 ywar1985 7th p271 2.5 mid Paperback 1800yen
U1m 0-14-048146-X image Five Plays - Travers(Ben) Penguin Books Ltd. 111x181 ywar1979 - p496 1.95 wear Paperback 1000yen
U1s 5-05-001144-2 image The Soviet Character Short Stories - Translated by Daglish(Robert)and others Raduga Publishers 131x207 year1987 1st p255 - mid Hardcover 3800yen


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